Your Letters - Domination of Labour at council

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EVERY single councillor in Knowsley is now Labour.

Is this because too many people just did not go to the polls? Have people given up on elections?

If Knowsley believes in democracy, it is up to Labour to give it a kick-start and encourage everyone to go out and vote.

Labour will still have a big majority, but at least there should be representation from other parties, unless something is grievously wrong.

Mona McNeea MBE,

Keats Avenue,


Appointment of mayor is ironic

IN response to one of your readers letters (St Helens Reporter, June 13) stating that our new mayor Geoff Almond became a councillor in 1976.

It is only fair to point out that he was a Tory councillor for many years.

He is now a Labour councillor, has been for the past two years. Is it not ironic that we now have an ex-Tory MP and an ex-Tory mayor in St Helens – a supposedly safe Labour town.

Mike Perry,

Prescot Road,

St Helens.

Well done to choir singers

AFTER attending a recent concert at the Town Hall where Haydock Male Voice Choir sang along with the winners of “St Helens Got Talent”, I came away with a feeling of wellbeing that we were able to be entertained in such a way by such talented people.

There was standing ovations which was well deserved there was even tears shed by a few of the ladies at listening to a young man by the name of Tom Loughlin (a young man who in my mind is going to go far) – such a voice.

Well done to all of you.

Name and address supplied.

Thank you to good Samaritans

I WOULD like to thank three ladies who helped me when I fell in Bridge Street.

One lady even got out of her wheelchair for me and the other two stopped even though they had babies with them.

I’d like to say thank to them once again for their help.

Ros Howard,

Clock Face,

St Helens.

Please return stolen watch

I WOULD like to appeal to your readers for help through your letters page.

I had an eternal watch that has a white face and a godly plated/stainless steel bracelet.

It was stolen while I was visiting my mum who had cancer at the time.

I am only interested in the return of the watch and will gladly return the purchase price and an additional sum to compensate the innocent purchaser of the watch.

I am sure there is someone out there.

Patrick Needham,

Dorothy Street,

St Helens.