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Samantha Slinn at Phenomenal Fireworks
Samantha Slinn at Phenomenal Fireworks
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THESE staff love having an explosive day at work.

Phenomenal Fireworks, set up in 2005, organises pyrotechnic displays for events such as weddings, parties and corporate events and also sells fireworks to members of the public through its shop, off Preston Road, which officially opens this Thursday,

Andy Slinn, 34, of Standish, owner, said: “I do all the practical designing and setting up of equipment.

“I like seeing the displays I have designed coming to life.”

Samantha Slinn, 33, of Standish, display manager, said: “I do all the paperwork and office duties and help choose music for the displays. Not many people have a job in fireworks.”

Neel Byrom, 26, of Chorley, head display technician, said: “I organise things on site. It is different as not everyone gets to blow things up for a job.”

Antony Gates, 24, of Heskin, display technician, said: “I set up displays. I enjoy getting out and about and it is a nice finish to an event.” Adam Irish, 20, of Chorley, display technician, said: “I like watching the explosions and seeing everyone enjoy our displays.”