Youths STILL jumping into quarry where teenager drowned

These shocking pictures show youngsters dicing with death in the same body of water where Wigan teen Miracle Godson lost his life.

Friday, 29th July 2016, 12:46 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 7:41 pm

A Wigan Observer photographer snapped around a dozen lads leaping from cliffs in to the water below at East Quarry in Appley Bridge.

The troubling images were taken just days after police issued a desperate appeal for people to stay away from the quarry and have shocked the grieving parents of 14-year-old Miracle.

On learning of our pictures, Miracle’s father, Godson Anumba, told the Observer he feared another tragedy would happen unless more is done to secure the quarry from trespassers.

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“That quarry is a valley of death,” he said. “These children should not be going into that quarry and jumping into the water. I have tried telling parents and children about the dangers and what happened to my son.

“Children need to know the perils because I have lost my own son. Children need to listen to their teachers and parents and obey their instructions.”

Miracle, a talented rugby player, drowned last year after jumping into the flooded quarry. He was playing with his friends when he leapt into the water despite not being able to swim.

Since his death, Miracle’s parents have campaigned for better security at the site, which is owned by Mainsprint Ltd and to educate youngsters of the dangers of playing in open water.

Mr Anumba added: “I don’t know why they throw themselves into the water that brought my son to his death. They need to remember what happened to Miracle and they need to think about their parents. I don’t want anyone to go through Miracle’s experience. No parent wants to go through that.”

Following Miracle’s death Mr Anumba has spoken with the owners of Mainsprint Ltd to improve safety and prevent future tragedies. But he is still dissatisfied with how easily youngsters access the site.

He added: “We have been trying to explain that something should be done about improving security and the owners are saying they are doing everything possible. But it is not enough.

“The children still get in. The only way is to put in CCTV and employ security staff. This costs money, but no money can compare to the loss of my son.”

Miracle's parents Godson Anumba and Elizabeth Anumba

Police last week dispatched a helicopter to the quarry hoping to pre-empt a spike in the dangerous ‘tomb-stoning’ craze as the weather warms up and schools across the borough break up for the summer.

A spokesman for Skelmersdale Police said: “There have been several calls throughout the day reporting people trespassing and climbing into East Quarry at Appley Bridge and swimming in the water.

“The water can look inviting, but it is very cold and deep and even experienced swimmers can suddenly find themselves in difficulty.”

Miracle Godson
Miracle's parents Godson Anumba and Elizabeth Anumba
Miracle Godson