Here’s how to apply be a coronavirus contact tracer - and where the jobs are based

Several job listings have recently appeared for contract tracer roles, which are being recruited to warn people who have been exposed to Covid-19.

Dozens of job adverts have been posted online, as the government approaches its deadline to recruit thousands of contact tracers.

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Third party recruiters are helping to fill the roles, which will warn people who have been exposed to Covid-19.

On 23 April, health secretary, Matt Hancock, announced plans to hire 18,000 contact tracers by the middle of May, explaining that the positions should be filled just before the NHS tracing app goes live later in the month.

What are the job requirements?

The job requires you to work from home and to call people who are infected with Covid-19.

It also requires you to telephone all of the people they have recently been in close contact with.

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A job listing for a “Contact Tracer Customer Service Advisor” on CV Library, posted by Workforce Staffing Ltd, states the job will require you “to update the in-house system and be able to record accurate data” as well as “show empathy and compassion at all times”.

You will be required to answer calls as well as make them and the role suits those with a customer service, care or retail background.

The work is expected to be completed in shifts, from Monday to Sunday, between 8am and 8pm.

How long are the roles required for?

The advert posted by Workforce Staffing Ltd states the role is initially a “12 week assignment”.

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However the advert also states the job has the potential to become a permanent role as contact tracers are likely going to be a “long-term requirement due to the current pandemic”.

While the adverts state that you will begin the work from home, adhering to the government guidance, some adverts have suggested office working will be introduced after the initial 12 weeks.

This therefore restricts who can apply, as you will need to be able to commute to the office when lockdown measures are lifted.

Where are the jobs located?

The contract tracer jobs are currently being advertised for London, Liverpool, Hull, Birmingham, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Newcastle-under-Lyme and Redditch, to name a few.

Where can I apply for the jobs?

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Job sites such as Indeed, CV library, as well as LinkedIn began listing the advertisements from third party recruiters within the last few days.

The job postings are also being advertised by independent recruiters and can be found with a google search using the search term “contact tracer jobs”.

How much does it pay?

The compensation for the job is £9.42 per hour, which is slightly higher than the national minimum wage.

‘Virtual front line’

Out of the 18,000 soon-to-be-recruited contact tracers, 3,000 will be from a skilled background.

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These people will work as advisers and will be responsible for the more complex cases as well as conducting public health risk assessments.

Such roles are also being advertised with the title of “Clinical Contact Caseworker”, asking skilled professionals to join the 'virtual frontline’.

These roles have been advertised on sites such as Reed, since the start of May 2020 by NHS Professionals.

Clinical Contact Caseworker roles pay a salary of £16.97 to £27.15 per hour and requires applicants to be on a Clinician Band 6 level or above.