Amateur RL player who punched opponent to learn his fate

A screengrab of the cheap shot
A screengrab of the cheap shot

The amateur rugby league player who floored an opponent with a shocking cheap-shot will learn his fate next week.

A Chorley Panthers player was struck by a disgusting cheap-shot by the Langworthy No.3 during an amateur Cup final.

A disciplinary panel of the North West Men's League will meet next Tuesday to rule on the incident.

There are no sentencing guidelines for punching, with any suspension at the discretion of the panel.

The sickening sucker-punch occurred as the referee called over two players following an earlier melee.

Watch the punch here
The Reds player blindsided the Panthers player with a punch, knocking him to the floor. He was subsequently sent off.

The Chorley player was checked on by players from both sides and, after regaining his feet, was sent off for a previous infringement.

The Panthers were leading 54-2 when the incident happened and went on to win 60-2.