Clubs going to the wall 'not right' with money in game, fumes Wigan Athletic boss

Wigan Athletic manager Paul Cook has called for the club to remain united to ensure everyone is able to 'come together in happiness and not sadness'.
Paul CookPaul Cook
Paul Cook

While question marks remain off the field, Cook and his players did their bit on the field on Wednesday by beating QPR 1-0 at the DW Stadium.

There's been a real siege mentality since the club was placed into administration last Wednesday.

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And Cook says the fighting spirit shown by the town epitomises what football means to everyone in the borough.

"It's tough when you've got a family yourself, and you know what people go through day in, day out," he said.

"I'm from an inner-city area in Liverpool, and I know people go out and work for their families.

"I know exactly what a football club means to its supporters...every single fan loves their club.

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"Football was in a bad place last year when we allowed Bury - for whatever reason - to go out of business.

"Yet we've got multi millions of pounds in the game, and players are earning so much.

"It's not right, and the game must look more at how it can help other clubs.

"I'm not on about Wigan Athletic now...I'm on about football as a whole.

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"Football means everything to the community, and we can't let clubs go out of business when there's so much money in the game.

"As far as this club's concerned, we need a new owner, we need to re-employ people who are now unemployed, and we need to make this town come together in happiness and not sadness."

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