Coyle a hard taskmaster

Owen Coyle (centre) plans a punishing pre-season for his players
Owen Coyle (centre) plans a punishing pre-season for his players
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OWEN Coyle is planning a punishing pre-season programme for his Wigan Athletic players despite the long season ahead.

Although Coyle sees the need to strike a balance of rest and training once the marathon campaign, he wants his players to be at peak fitness before the campaign kicks off.

Preparations for the new season encompass a trip Stateside in July which will include at least two games.

“Everyone needs to be of the same mindset. We all need to be singing from the same hymn sheet – staff, players, the fans alike and that is the best for Wigan Athleitc,” said Coyle.

“First and foremost we need to get the players fit because if you are not regardless of everything else it all falls down.

“The plan for the preseason is to have a fitness programme so when the game starts they are at their maximum.”

But once the season starts Coyle will change tact.

“During the course of the season it is important coming in and out of games you get the balance right between working hard and resting at the right time but we have experience of doing that before,” he said.