Coyle’s final press conference as Wigan boss - transcript

Owen Coyle
Owen Coyle

OWEN Coyle’s final post-match press conference at Wigan grabbed a lot of attention.

It included a dig at some Wigan fans for being “ultra-critical” while also condemning some for the treatment of Jordi Gomez. Below is a transcript from some of the questions asked:

Summing up the Brighton game:

COYLE: It’s certainly hard to take. There’s no getting away from it, it’s been a horrible week.

We lost our first game at home last week in a week that should have led to a lot more promise than we have delivered in the three games.

Having said that, the two against Brighton and during the week we should have won. Against Derby we’re chasing it 3-0 down, we’ve got to accept that but it was self-inflicted and that’s hard to take.

They’re a good group of lads, I have to say, they come in, they’re honest and they’re conscientious but I’ve said to them it’s got to be from the outset of the game, not after 46-47 minutes into a match when you want to start playing, that should have been from the first whistle.

You’re ready to go and you’re ready to win and we know that if we match the endeavour and enthusiasm of everyone else in the league then we’ve got enough quality to win games and that was shown in the second half against a side that, with their tails up, we made them look ordinary.

It should have resulted in more goals, there’s no getting away from it, Lee Grant was outstanding in the goal.

JOURNALIST: Do you feel under pressure personally, Owen?

COYLE: Under pressure? Because of...?

JOURNALIST: Just because you listen around the stadium and you look on social media, there’s quite of flack coming your way.

COYLE: One thing, I don’t look on social media, two, around the stadium I thought it was the Derby fans that were singing, probably all the time I’ve put them to the sword.

The bottom line is, I’ve been in football long enough. I think it’s like anything else, at Wigan Athletic there is an expectation because they’ve come down from the Premier League and they want to get back there.

I’ve got to say, the majority of the support at Wigan Athletic are outstanding, they come and support their club.

But you’re right there is a section that is ultra-critical not of me, maybe they are as well, but you see the treatment they have given to Jordi Gomez, there’s no place for it in football.

The majority of our fans are outstanding, they back their club and I’ve said that from day one but there is a small section that want to come and be critical.

If they want to give it to me then that’s fine, but lay off the players. Jordi Gomez is as brave a player you’ve got in terms of coming and taking the ball in possession and that’s a different type of bravery.

There’s a bravery of a centre-back who will come and head and go through everything and there’s a bravery of a player who will take the ball in tight situations and Jordi has been terrific.

So if they want to come and lay it at the manager’s door then so be it.

I’m old enough, I’m ugly enough and I’ve been in football long enough to deal with that. If it comes through expectation then so be it.

I’ve got to say as well, in balance to that, the expectation can only come from the fact they’ve been in the Premier League because it’s not because Wigan Athletic have been winning games every week for four or five years, far from it.

Wigan Athletic have been in the bottom three for the past four or five years and have managed to escape and they’ve been brilliant to do that.

They managed to win the cup last year which was brilliant but they lost their place in the Premier League and with losing their place in the Premier League the players and the ones of big value left.

It’s building that team, putting it together and if people want to be ultra-critical that’s the nature of the world we live in terms of football these days.