David Sharpe back in football days after Wigan Athletic departure!

David Sharpe
David Sharpe

David Sharpe’s spell out of football lasted barely a week with the former Wigan Athletic chairman having been appointed as strategic advisor with SciSports in a part-time capacity.

The 27-year-old stepped down from his role with Latics following the takeover of the club by International Entertainment Corporation.

And he has already been snapped up by SciSports, whose business is data intelligence in the football industry.

The company had been working with Latics during the last few months, so the transition for Sharpe should be relatively straight-forward.

“Having used the Insight platform myself regularly as part of our recruitment process at Wigan Athletic, I believe the future is very bright for SciSports,” said Sharpe.

“Data analytics is growing rapidly in the football industry and, with SciSports currently working with over 40 football clubs across Europe, I feel this is just the start.

“We have so much to offer to so many more football clubs around the world that want to be ahead of the curve.

“As well as my role of strategic advisor, I have many other business interests and possible future ventures within the football industry.

“I will therefore commit as much time as possible on a part-time basis working closely with the SciSports team, and together we will plan to stimulate the rapid growth of the SciSports brand in a very active market place.”

Giels Brouwer, chief innovation officer of SciSports added: “During my conversations with David, I was intrigued by his view on the football recruitment industry.

“He is truly a football and business man by heart.

“His passion for the game and experience with our products made him the perfect guy to partner up with.

“David, at 27, was the youngest chairman in English football history and shows that he is eager to bring SciSports to the next level.

“Even though David resigned as chairman of Wigan Athletic, he still has plenty of other commitments obviously.

“But alongside this he will work closely together with Gert-Jan Nijweide (COO) and Jakko Slot (Manager Sales & Marketing) to stimulate the international growth in the UK market.”