Ex-Wigan Athletic boss David Sharpe on why Whelan family ‘had to sell’ club

David Sharpe stepped down last month
David Sharpe stepped down last month

Former Wigan Athletic chairman David Sharpe has described the amount of money needed to support clubs in the Championship as “frightening”.

Sharpe stepped down from his role last month when his granddad, Dave Whelan, sold the club to Hong Kong-based company International Entertainment Corporation.

The 27-year-old said the family ploughed £10m a year into the club.

He told Jim White’s Talk Sport radio show: “I’m glad my family are out of it now because the levels of finance in the Championship are scary.

“It’s only going to get worse, I can’t see a good future for Championship teams outside the parachute payment clubs.

“You’re expected to compete but financially you just can’t - it’s going to be a real struggle I feel.

“It was costing us £10m a year to keep it going, and that was just wages. And that was bottom five, bottom six wages in the Championship.

“It’s frightening, so we had to sell it - it needs good investment and hopefully that comes.”