Exclusive Latics player column - Haris Vuckic

Haris Vuckic celebrates scoring his first goal for Wigan Athletic in midweek
Haris Vuckic celebrates scoring his first goal for Wigan Athletic in midweek
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FIRST of all, it was great to get a chance to play again for the first team on Tuesday against Sheffield United.

To also score a goal was amazing, and I was happy with my overall performance.

Obviously, like the rest of the team, I was very disappointed with the result.

When you are 3-0 up, the opposition should never be allowed to come back to 3-3 – that should never happen.

But that is football, sometimes things like

that can happen.

It happened to ourselves

only last week against Gillingham when we came back from 2-0 down to win the game 3-2.

You never know what can happen in a football


But what we can do is solve the problems that caused us to lose our grip on the lead, and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

It was almost a perfect performance from us on Tuesday, to be 2-0 up at half-time and then make it 3-0 just after the hour mark.

After that, though, we dropped our levels, we let them come back in to the game, and put pressure on ourselves.

All we can do now is look forward, keep working hard and focus all of our attention on the Chesterfield game this weekend.

If we can play like we did in the first hour, for the full 90 minutes, we’ll be okay.

It was great to hear the fans’ appreciation when we were playing well on Tuesday, and that’s something we want to experience as often as possible.

I had a little bit of cramp toward the end of the game, which is why I had to come off.

The pitch was heavy, but also I hadn’t played for a month and a half so that’s only natural.

I spoke with the gaffer, he told me to be honest, work hard, and give 100 per cent for as long as I could.

I’ve been working so hard for my chance, I just wanted to do the best I could.

My ankle hasn’t been right for a lot of this season – sometimes it would hurt, sometimes not – but it’s stopped me being 100 per cent on a regular basis.

Thankfully it’s right now, I’m okay again, and I don’t want to lose my place in the team.

I want to show everyone what I can do – not only the people here in Wigan, but also the people back in Newcastle.

We have a very good team here, and I see no reason why we can’t go on and get promoted at the end of the season.

That is certainly the aim, and we are all working hard towards that goal.

We are now five games unbeaten, and we have to keep that going for as long as we can.

By the end of February, I think we will know where we will be at the end of the season.

This period between now and then is going to be so important to make sure we are in a good position to finish.

IT was an amazing feeling to score my first goal for Wigan on Tuesday night.

I was so surprised to see Jason Pearce out there on the left wing, up from his regular position of centre-back.

But it was a great, great cross from him, and all I needed to do was finish it off.

A lot of people have been asking about my goal celebration, and putting the ball up my shirt.

It was for my wife, Medina, and for our baby, which is due to be born soon, in March.

My wife has been moaning a lot lately – “my back, my...everything” – so I improvised how she’s been walking after I scored.

It was funny, it made her laugh.

We saw the pictures in the newspaper on Wednesday, and she bought some copies straight away.

The pictures were great, and a perfect memory of a really nice and exciting time for us.

It’s our first baby, we don’t know what to expect.

We’re excited, but also a bit scared.

But having spoken to the rest of the players, they all say that’s it’s the best thing in life, and I’m mostly excited.

When it comes, the baby is going to a mixture of all sorts, all nationalities.

Both my wife and I are Bosnian. When the war in Bosnia happened, my parents left for Slovenia, so I was born there.

My wife, she grew up over in America, in Chicago.

I don’t know what our child will be – will it be Bosnian, Slovenian, American, English?

The baby will definitely be born over here, though, probably locally.

We thought it was going to be in Newcastle, but then the circumstances changed and we came to Wigan.

I come from an average family back home.

We weren’t poor, we had a good life.

But my parents worked very hard to bring up my brother and I – and we appreciate that a lot.

I haven’t been home much since I left. But now, with things like Skype, it’s easy to stay in touch with loved ones.

You don’t touch them, but they can share everything with you. It makes being away easier.

But they have already booked their flights to come over for the birth in March, so we’re all very excited about that.

We haven’t actually had to buy any clothes or anything ahead of the birth.

Our families have bought so much stuff so we will be sorted for the first few months!

I hear that new parents don’t get too much sleep.

Well I’m someone who loves my sleep, so I don’t know how that’s going to work...!

When you have a baby you are responsible for them, because if you’re not going to wake up, who is?

It’s a big responsibility, but one we’re really looking forward to.

Hopefully we’ll do a good job.

LIONEL Messi won the Ballon d’Or this week, and I have to say it was very well deserved.

So many people are quick to compare Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

I’d rather enjoy the pair of them while they are both playing at such a high level!

If you’re asking me, my personal preference would be Ronaldo.

That’s not to say Messi is not a great player but, because Barcelona won the Champions League and Real Madrid won nothing, the voting will have reflected that.

As a footballer, I just enjoy watching them both play, and you can only learn from watching great players like them. Because of my build and my structure, I’m probably drawn more to Ronaldo, because he is more similar to me.

But on the other hand I am left-footed, like Messi.

A cross between Ronaldo and Messi - I think that’s not a bad combination!

Haris Vuckic was talking to Paul Kendrick