Flores: Thanks for all your support

Jordan Flores has been visited by a number of family and friends since his car crash last week
Jordan Flores has been visited by a number of family and friends since his car crash last week
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The family of Jordan Flores admit they’ve been ‘absolutely overwhelmed’ by the support and best wishes the youngster has received since his serious car crash that could easily have claimed his life.

It’s just over a week since Aspull-born Flores – currently on loan at League Two outfit Chesterfield – was making his usual drive to training on an otherwise mundane Monday morning before fate intervened.

A head-on crash resulted in Flores being rushed to Chesterfield Royal Hospital, and later transferred to the nearby Sheffield Northern General Hospital, while the other motorist was airlifted directly to Nottingham.

Since then it’s been a mixture of worry, relief, fear and hope for young Jordan, as well as his doting family, who’ve been ever-present by his bedside.

“It’s been manic, so busy, but at the same time there’s been a lot of time for thinking about what’s happened, and what the next step will be,” admitted dad, Manny, a lifelong Latics fan and season-ticket holder.

“We’ve been over there to see him every day – his mum, Tracy, and his brother, Adam too – commuting on the motorway, trying to support him as best we can.

“We’ve been leaving after the traffic in the morning, spending all day with him, and then coming home at night – long days!

“Work have been really great with me – they’ve told me to do what I have to do, which has been so helpful.

“It is what it is. He’s actually been very lucky, with it being a head-on crash.”

The family are still coming to terms with the events of last Monday.

“He was on his way to training, only about 10 minutes from the ground,” Manny revealed.

“The squad meets at the ground before going over to the training ground, and he was almost there.

“It happened on one of the A-roads outside the town.

“The good thing is Jordan’s in a good place now, the best place he could be, in a specialist spinal centre, getting the best care possible.

“He’s been quite content, he’s got his laptop with access to Sky Sports, Netflix, and of course all the Latics games.”

While Jordan rests up, the family are desperately hoping the injury will heal naturally rather than having to go down the surgery route.

“One of the specialists said that, if it was his son, he’d let him rest for four weeks, and try and let it heal naturally,” explained Manny.

“Jordan’s a young, fit lad, and fingers crossed will be a good healer.

“We’ve got one shot at this, and obviously we need to go down the route of no surgery if we possibly can.

“It’s been a tough time, but we’ve been just inundated with messages of goodwill and support.

“He’s had literally hundreds of people getting in touch to offer their support.

“It’s been absolutely overwhelming to be honest, humbling even. We’re so appreciative.

“Wigan’s such a special club and a town...it’s like one big family and we’ve really felt that.

“Max Power came over at the weekend with his family...he’s probably the player Jordan’s closest to at Wigan, along with David Perkins.

“David’s has been wanting to come too but his partner was due to give birth this week so it’s been crazy for him as well.

“Paul Cook’s been in touch most days, and David Sharpe and Jonathan Jackson have been very supportive.

“The Wigan medical staff have also been to see to work out what they can do, and formulating a plan to get him on the road to recovery.

“Wigan have mentioned bringing in a machine to get his muscles stimulated, which will obviously help him.

“All the Chesterfield lads have been to see him, (manager) Jack Lester’s been over most days, so he’s felt very supported.

“He’s determined to get back as soon as he can.

“Jordan knows he’s been given an opportunity, and he wants to do everything he can to make the most of it.

“He also wants to thank each and every person who has passed on their best wishes.

“It means the world to him, and he says he’s even more determined to make a full recovery.”