Mike Pollitt’s column: “People have been putting two and two together”

Mike Pollitt
Mike Pollitt

IN his latest Wigan Evening Post column, Latics goalkeeper Mike Pollitt lifts the lid on the latest transfer talk...

I was most amused to find myself the subject of some transfer speculation this week – I thought those days were behind me but obviously not!

In case you missed it, apparently I’m off to Bury as player/goalkeeping coach.

Only there’s no truth in the story whatsoever.

Yes, my big pal Dave Flitcroft is their new manager, and yes I did go and watch the Shakers last week.

But as far as anything else goes, people have just been putting two and two together and making five.

It’s no secret that one day I’d like to go into coaching, but the truth is there’s nothing happening on that score at the moment.

I wouldn’t rule something like that in the future, though. You don’t know what’s around the corner.

FOR now all I’m concentrating on is working as hard as I can here, because there’s always someone injured in the goalkeeping ranks at Wigan.

No sooner had Ali Al Habsi returned on the bench on Wednesday night, Scott Carson picks up a little injury.

He got it just before the players came off the field at Hillsborough, and he had a bit of treatment out there.

He’s been for a scan, and hopefully it’ll be nothing serious, because he’s done very well for us this season.

I’ve never known anything like it for goalkeepers getting injured – if it’s not me, it’s Ali, or Lee (Nicholls), or Cars.

I don’t think we’ve all been fit at the same time yet, but that’s why you have a good squad because injuries are always around the corner.

IT was disappointing the way Wednesday’s game was abandoned – and just our luck that we were winning at the time.

You could see from very early on that we were going to be lucky to get the game in, and unfortunately that was the way it transpired.

The pitch at Hillsborough was very firm, I had a walk on it before the game, and the water was just sitting on top of the grass.

Most of our lads understandably wanted to carry on, but I think the referee got it spot on.

I was sat at the back of the stand, and all I can say is I was glad I wasn’t sat on the bench because it looked like the poor lads were getting drenched.

That really was one game you didn’t want to be involved in, and all I could think as I enjoyed my half-time soup was: This’ll do me.

It also means James McClean’s first goal for us has been expunged from the records, and that’s a shame.

But like I was telling him after the game, they’re like goals in training those ones – no use to anyone, worth nothing. All in all a waste of a day – none of us will get that one back.

ALL eyes are now on tomorrow’s trip to Reading, which takes on extra importance with us not having been able to play our game in hand in midweek.

It would have been nice to be going there on the back of back-to-back wins, but we’ll still go with a great deal of confidence.

The new manager’s come in and really lifted the place.

He’s pre-warned the lads that he’ll be making several changes every week because of the workload, but you have to do that these days.

The games are coming thick and fast at the moment – to be fair they have all season.

But as we move into the Christmas period that’s only going to get worse.

As a footballer, you get used to the demands of the festive programme – especially when you’ve been in the game for as long as I have. I have to say love Christmas, and everything that surrounds it.

The whole family loves it – our tree’s been up since Bonfire Night!

As a footballer, you can’t really enjoy the experience as much as everyone else, because you’re always preparing for the next game.

But it’s a great time of the year, and it’s always nice to spend time with the family.

With this being my last column of the year, I’d like to wish all of you readers a very Happy Christmas, and a prosperous New Year.