Rangers must remain in Scotland says Whelan

Grey skies over Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow
Grey skies over Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow
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DAVE Whelan has laughed off suggestions Glasgow Rangers have set their sights on taking a lucrative slice of the Premier League cake.

Rumours were rife at the end of last week that the cash-strapped outfit – who could end up starting next season in the Scottish Third Division – were contemplating buying League One Bury and playing English league games at ‘home’ in Glasgow.

Rangers, along with Glasgow neighbours Celtic, have long-been rumoured to want to join the English league, having outgrown their own domestic competition.

But Whelan believes they would get short shrift if such an idea ever threatened to get off the ground.

“Scottish football is Scottish football, and they can’t be coming down here to invade England,” Whelan told the Evening Post.

“If the owner wants to buy into Bury then good luck to him.

“But they must always remain Bury Football Club – that’s the way it’s always been and that’s the way it must stay.”

Whelan has always been a fierce opponent of the notion of the Old Firm moving south of the border – not least because it could have a catastrophic knock-on effect on Wigan’s own standing in the top flight.

“If we’re keeping 20 teams in the Premier League, and all of a sudden you have Rangers in and maybe even Celtic too, that means two English teams will get thrown out,” he added.

“That’s not right, it never will be right, and it never will be allowed to happen.

“We don’t want Celtic and Rangers in the English league. They are Scottish teams and they’ve got to stay there. The English league is for English clubs. Simple as that.

“I’m sure a few teams in Spain would love to play in the Premier League because of the TV money, and that goes for teams in France and teams in Germany as well.

“You just can’t do that, though. It’s the English Premier League, and it is for English clubs and English clubs only.”