Redknapp? Jewell? Adkins? Wiganers have their say on Mackay replacement

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MALKY Mackay became Wigan Athletic’s second managerial casualty this season with just five games to play as the club battles to stay in the Championship.

His sacking follows the dismissal of former fans’ favourite Uwe Rosler, who got the chop in November after a poor run of results saw Latics slip into the bottom three.

Malky Mackay

Malky Mackay

With Latics eight points from safety, new chairman David Sharpe thought the time was right for a change - do you agree?

Paul Ashurst, 37, from Pemberton, said: “I just think it’s too little too late, he should have been sacked months ago.

“I have never seen such turgid football before in my life, they haven’t had any sort of plan or tactics. Whoever it is who takes over is basically building the club for League One football now.

“I think Nigel Adkins would be a good manager, someone with a bubbly personality would be just what they need. Very positive, something that Mackay never seemed to be.

I have never seen such turgid football before in my life, they haven’t had any decent tactics all season

Paul Ashurst

“I was worried, to be honest, that they would decide to keep Mackay and that he would be allowed to build the club next season. But I didn’t see what he was trying to build for the future at all.”

Life-long fan William Rigby agrees. He said the decision should have been made sooner but the timing now is really bad.

The 70-year-old said of Mackay: “Like most managers in football today - outdated, recycled rubbish. They’re all the same.

“It’s got to change. I couldn’t understand why he was getting beat and wanted to buy more strikers when surely it was defenders needed.

“I think, now they’re going to be in the lower division next season, they need more young, local talent to see them through.

“On paper they should have been good enough and should have competed at the top, now they’re not even competing at the bottom are they?”

Whelley’s Barbara Sumner now wants to see Harry Redknapp take the Latics’ manager’s position.

The 71-year-old said: “Harry Redknapp would come in and definitely work miracles - because that’s what we need right now.

“The players will leave at the end of the season anyway they won’t care, they have no loyalty to the club.

“And I think the pitch doesn’t help, I can never understand why they water it before the game and at half-time, as if it’s not waterlogged enough.

“I think everybody’s resigned to the fact that we’re going down now. I just wonder if the prices will go down now as well.

“This last season has just been so rubbish, the club has done nothing since winning the FA Cup, that must have been the pinnacle for us and I just hope that’s not the end for us.”

Jimmy Ellis, 68, of Gidlow, said it would take a miracle for Latics to return to the dizzy heights of the Premier League again.

He said: “Ever since they won the FA Cup and Martinez left they’ve just been asking for trouble.

“We had that high and there has been three managers in just one season, it’s getting ridiculous.

“Mackay’s record has just been abysmal. Many years ago he was a god at Cardiff but that’s clearly not the case now.

“I always wonder what it would be like if we ever got Paul Jewell back.

“I just can’t believe the club were doing so well just two years ago and have just gone downhill since.”