Short break no bother to Espinoza

Roger Espinoza
Roger Espinoza

ROGER Espinoza is one player who barely had time to draw breath over the summer before setting his sights on the fortcoming season.

Espinoza’s final game of last term was amazingly as late as June 18, as part of the Honduras side that went down 1-0 to the USA in Utah.

It was an even more admirable effort given Espinoza joined Latics in January at the end of the MLS season, which had started the previous March.

He then jetted back to the states last week to be part of Latics’ training camp.

But the versatile ace is not after any sympathy from anyone and is raring to go.

“It hasn’t been the longest summer for me, but don’t worry about that - there will be a time to rest one day,” he chirped.

“I don’t feel too bad, I’m not dragging at the moment, I feel fitness-wise I’m good, injury-free and I’m good to go.

“I always enjoy playing for Honduras - the day you don’t enjoy playing football is the time to start worrying.

“I’m playing all the time and I’m certainly not complaining to anyone.”