The Mike Pollitt column - Hart stopper

Man City's Joe Hart - the best keeper in the world?
Man City's Joe Hart - the best keeper in the world?

I’VE seen some good goalkeeping performances in my time, but Joe Hart’s the other night against Borussia Dortmund was as good as they come.

The Dortmund keeper made a few good saves, but Joe was just incredible – save after save after save.

He was also very modest after the game, and that’s the impression I’ve always got from my dealings with him.

You don’t like blowing your own trumpet when you’ve played well. I mean, some do, but I just cringe when I hear that.

Joe doesn’t do that – he just comes across as being a nice guy, good with the press as well.

I’ve seen him out in Manchester and he’s been exactly the same, just a nice bloke.

And I think that comes from that grounding of being at Shrewsbury, in the lower leagues. He knows what life’s like down there.

It’s not common knowledge, but Joe nearly came to Wigan a few years ago.

When I first signed, and John Filan was already here, we were trying to get a young goalkeeper on board as well.

I remember Gary Walsh telling me he’d been down to Shrewsbury a few times to see a young lad, and I asked what he was like.

He told me he was a brilliant goalkeeper, but he seemed a bit cocky – and I suppose he does have that look about him.

Anyway the club wouldn’t pay the money Shrewsbury were after – it was a lot for a lad so young, especially someone who’d only ever played in League Two – and he eventually went to Manchester City.

I spoke to Walshy the other day actually, and I reminded him that he let one go there!