Wantaway Roger could feature

Roger Espinoza
Roger Espinoza

UWE Rosler has revealed that despite Roger Espinoza asking to leave Wigan Athletic, the Honduran international has worked hard enough to land himself in the squad for the Millwall game.

The Latics boss says that the midfielder has twice revealed his intention to move back to America to his former club Kansas since becoming homesick after returning from the World Cup.

“Roger came twice to me and wanted to leave the club. He wanted to go back to Kansas,” said Rosler.

“I think after he came back after the World Cup he struggled to find an appetite for football.”

“His family is in the States, it was very difficult. I have never dealt with a player who has been at a World Cup, and I think for Roger it was a new experience.

“He was clearly off the pace and that was understandable in many ways - physically and also mentally - because when you work yourself up for four years to be at that mega tournament, nothing is bigger than this.”

“I said ‘I can’t let you go Roger, not now,’ because at that point we didn’t have any players in the midfield.”

However, despite his requests to leave, the Wigan boss says that Espinoza has worked hard in training and could feature in tonight’s game against Millwall at the DW Stadium.

Latics desperately need a spark from somewhere to end their seven-game winless slump.

““Roger has trained very well for the last couple of weeks, he is in good spirits and he will be in the squad,” added Rosler.

“We’ve had a good talk about his future and he is now in a good spirit.

“Going forward, I think it is very difficult for a manager when a player is so strong-minded and convinced he wants to go home, because he wants to return home - so that is where we are with Roger.