Whelan calls for salary cap

Dave Whelan
Dave Whelan
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DAVE Whelan has called for the urgent introduction of a salary cap to help control spiralling player wages.

The issue of how to ensure the huge rise in the new Premier League TV deal - which comes into force at the beginning of the 2013/14 campaign - doesn’t all end up in the pocket of players will be debated at the next shareholders’ meeting in September.

“We all agree that there now needs to be controls over wages - even Manchester United agree,” Whelan told ESPN.

“(Manchester United chief executive) David Gill has made it clear he would support some kind of control, how the controls are put into place is the tricky bit.

“Personally I wouldn’t be afraid to take the toughest route of all and have a ceiling on how much each club can pay in wages. A salary limit needs to be enforced.”