Whelan: Owen offered to resign after Derby defeat

Latics chairman Dave Whelan watches on as Latics lose to Derby
Latics chairman Dave Whelan watches on as Latics lose to Derby
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DAVE Whelan says Owen Coyle left Wigan Athletic after offering his resignation.

The Latics chairman, speaking during a television interview on Monday night, said he met with the Scot after the defeat to Derby County on Sunday and told him of his disappointment.

Whelan says that Coyle then asked if he should step down as manager and his offer was accepted.

“I didn’t sack Owen,” said the Latics chairman. “I had a meeting with him after the match and I told him I was disappointed in his performance, the performance of the team, I was disappointed in his team selection,

“Owen said did I want him to resign and I said yes, if you’ll resign. Obviously we have got to pay his compensation but I accepted his word and he’s resigned.

“I was so disappointed with the performance (against Derby) and the two recent home performances had been so poor.

“It was quite clear the crowd were getting onto him and they did at the last two home games. It’s not something I like to do when I lose a manager because you’ve got to appoint a new manager and it’s never, never an easy task.

“We’ve got a good squad of players and, in my opinion, we were playing badly, I didn’t go along with his team selection and I don’t think the crowd were going along with his team selection so it’s one of those things, it’s football and I’m wanting some good managers to apply for this job and I am wanting to appoint one as quickly as possible.”

Whelan now starts the hunt for Coyle’s successor with a clean slate.

The 77-year-old doesn’t have anyone lined up for the job and goes into recruiting a new man with an “open mind”.

Whelan did hint though that the reason for Coyle leaving the DW was a breakdown in relationships.

“I’ve got an open mind and I’ll see if I can figure out who is going to be the right man,” he added.

“It’s not easy, everybody who is in football knows that appointing a manager is very difficult. You can be lucky and get a great guy and get the right man like I got Roberto (Martinez) or you can be unlucky and get somebody who doesn’t get on with you, doesn’t get on with the team and doesn’t get on with the fans and that is actually what happened with Owen.

“It causes disruption throughout the club (losing a manager) and that’s quite clear and this happens at every club where you lose your manager, it does cause unease and disruption throughout the camp.

“The sooner I can get interviews going and appoint a new manager, the better for Wigan Athletic.”