Wigan Athletic guest column: Callum McManaman

Callum McManaman
Callum McManaman

First things first, we were all very disappointed to lose our unbeaten home record at the weekend against Leeds.

This place hasn’t been an easy place to come for away sides this year, and we’ve been very proud of that fact.

It’s maybe not been the case over the years, maybe teams have fancied coming here and getting the three points.

But even though the record’s gone, I don’t think anybody will fancy coming here.

We don’t sit off teams, we don’t show them respect.

Most teams who come up from the division below probably sit off a bit, but that’s not in our nature.

We know Leeds are a good side, but I thought we should have come away with a point.

If you can’t win, then you need to at least make sure you don’t lose.

Yes we were unlucky again, but we don’t want to turn into that team that moans every week about being unlucky.

We were all saying after the game that Leeds were the best team we’ve played all season. I thought they were absolutely everywhere in the game, didn’t give us a moment’s peace.

There was one instance in the second half when Josh (Windass) broke against one of theirs, and all of a sudden there were eight of theirs around him!

I don’t think I even touched the ball for 15 minutes when I came on because there was no space.

Finally I got involved late on when we pushed it, but it was tough going.

I managed to get myself through towards the end, and I’m still gutted I never managed to equalise.

I’ve seen it back on the replay, and it’s a harder chance than possibly it looked.

I’ve probably done well to even get a shot off, but I’ve had to put it in that top corner - it’s the only place I had to aim at.

That would have been perfect, the way it’s been going at the moment, but I’ll get there.

I think I’ve done well every time I’ve come on, and I’ve just got to keep my head down.

It’s a good squad we’ve got here, there’s a good vibe, everyone gets on whether they’re playing or not.

But obviously you want to be playing games rather than being on the bench, and I’ll keep plugging away until I get my chance.

Next up for us is Saturday’s trip to Middlesbrough, and that’s what this league is all about.

The Championship’s ruthless, the games come thick and fast.

There’s no easy games, everyone’s getting after each other and beating each other.

We’d had a few defeats in a row now but we’re still around mid-table in the division.

It’s strange because we’ve won the same amount of games as some of the teams at the top, but we’ve lost as many games as some of the teams at the bottom.

If we could just manage to turn a few of he losses into draws, we’d move up that table, it’s that tight, it’s crazy.

But I can’t see us not winning games this season.

We’ve got too much quality to struggle, I’d fancy us against anyone.

It was good to see Adam Forshaw on Sunday, a former team-mate of mine here a few years ago.

I don’t think he got a proper chance here, it was just totally the wrong time for him to be here.

We all knew he was a brilliant player, but he never got a chance to show that to the fans.

The style we were playing at the time, the ball was going over our heads – it was the same frustration for me as well.

The club was going through a bad time, and it wasn’t the time to get he best out of us.

It was a really emotional day all round on Sunday.

The lads went up to the boardroom after the game to wish the owner and the chairman well.

I told them thanks for everything, for everything they’ve done for me.

I’m grateful to them for bringing me back here, and I’m grateful for all the memories this club’s given me.

I’m sure they’ll still be coming to the games as fans, so I don’t think we’ve seen the last of them.

Callum McManaman was speaking to Paul Kendrick