PPE effort boosted by Wigan Athletic man

Wigan Athletic defender Danny Fox has been out and about distributing hundreds of personal protective equipment to care homes and hospices in his local area.

Tuesday, 28th April 2020, 12:27 pm
Danny Fox distributing personal protective equipment to the frontline

The 33-year-old is supporting a campaign organised by his former Nottingham Forest team-mate Dexter Blackstock to provide more PPE to frontline staff.

Blackstock is the founder and chief executive of a medical technology firm, MediConnect.

His campaign has raised over £20,000 via donatetonhs.com, with thousands of items of PPE donated across the nation.

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Each donation can be followed up by an email request, directing it be supplied to wherever people feel it is needed.

Fox is now hoping thousands of masks can be distributed in Wigan to support local organisations and key workers in need during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Wigan Athletic Community Trust will distribute the masks to different locations across the Wigan borough in the coming weeks.

“I wanted to get involved with Dexter’s campaign as soon as I found out he was doing it," said Fox.

“It’s well-publicised there are challenges across the country in terms of getting PPE to all of the key workers who need it during this crisis.

“Dexter is in a position where he has the connections to get supplies through his business so we are trying to help as many people as possible.

“I have been out to care homes and hospices in my local area to deliver protective masks to carers, and it’s so humbling to see staff there doing their best for the patients in difficult circumstances.

“I know it’s a challenging time for everyone, so far be it from me to ask all of our supporters to make donations.

"But if anyone can donate as little as £1 then we can get the Community Trust out and about delivering a substantial amount of masks around the Wigan borough.”


1. Donate as little as £1 to donatetonhs.com

2. Follow up your donation with an email to [email protected] stating either ‘Wigan’ or Wigan Athletic’ to ensure your contribution is ring-fenced to Wigan and local organisations

3. Share with your friends and family and encourage everyone to donate just £1 to the cause!