Sam Morsy warns Wigan Athletic fear no one

The first game of the season, you always want to be positive and get off the mark, and we did just that against Sheffield Wednesday.
Sam MorsySam Morsy
Sam Morsy

Going into the game, we felt it would be a good one for us.

We know they’re a big club with a good squad, but we felt like we had more than them all over the pitch.

And I think that showed on Saturday – and Michael Jacobs in particular was excellent.

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With two of the back four having only trained once with the group before the game, and another making his professional debut, it was even more impressive.

In midfield you can maybe get away with that, but at the back four it’s so difficult to get that understanding, and credit to everyone.

I think there’s five games before the first international break, and we were looking on that as a block of games that we want at least two wins from.

The first one’s out of the way, and hopefully we can build on that heading into this weekend’s game against Aston Villa.

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I’d say Villa are one of the biggest clubs in the Championship, if not the biggest, with some really good players.

But at the same time, it’s an exciting challenge, and something we want to do.

We don’t fear any team at this level – we’ve got our own aspirations, and what we want and hope to achieve.

You see stuff like Wigan will be involved in a relegation fight, but that only acts as motivation if I’m honest.

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People need to not focus on the size of the club and the fact we’ve just been promoted, and look at the calibre of players in our squad.

With the talent we have here I think we’ll be very strong this season.

I’d say there’s probably four players who would get into most teams in the Championship, in my opinion.

And there’s plenty of other players who’d get into many of the other teams.

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It’s a very strong squad we’ve got here, and I can’t wait to see how we do this season.

On a personal note, it was obviously an eventful summer for me.

I went everywhere – to Kuwait, to Egypt, to Milan, to Belgium, and then obviously to Russia.

The experience of being part of the World Cup was just incredible, and something I’ll never forget.

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Playing alongside and against some of the best players in the world gave me some memories that will last a lifetime.

It meant my summer break wasn’t as long as usual, but to be fair I was looking forward to coming back in and rejoining the group.

The gaffer gave me a couple of weeks off and told me to take as long as I needed.

I had a week away with the missus and a couple of weeks just doing nothing really.

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The manager told me I had to switch off and let my body recover, which I was happy to do.

Normally there’s then a reintroduction process where you’re doing your own work before being back in the group.

But this time I went straight back in with the lads from day one, and it’s worked out great.

To anyone worried about how that’s going to affect me towards the end of the season, I don’t feel that will be a problem.

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Touch wood I’ve always done okay with muscular injuries, so if I continue to look after myself I should be all right.

Providing I keep doing the right things I’m confident my body will be able to cope, and you don’t want to be missing any games at this level.

Away from here, I’m pleased to see my team, Wolves, doing so well and looking so good ahead of the Premier League kick-off.

They’ve got a top manager, a top squad, and I think they’ll surprise a lot of teams this year.

You talk about sleeping giants, that’s Wolves all over...and it’s a very exciting time to be a fan at the moment.

Sam Morsy was speaking to Paul Kendrick