Wigan Athletic boss answers questions on his future

Paul Cook
Paul Cook

Paul Cook admitted his fate lies in the hands of the 'powers that be' after Wigan Athletic lost their third home game on the bounce against Reading to remain in the Championship drop-zone.

Things had looked promising for Latics heading into the final quarter, with Joe Garner's 34th-minute goal giving them the advantage of a tense encounter desperately short of quality or excitement.

But a hat-trick in the space of five minutes from former Inter Milan striker George Puscas - between the 78th and 83rd minute - turned the game on its head and sent the points down south.

And led to a last 10 minutes which saw a section of the Latics fanbase venting their feelings towards the Latics manager.

"It's football today, and I've got no problem with the industry we're in," said Cook.

"I know the rules of the game - if Wigan fans aren't happy, they'll vent their frustrations.

"It's what football fans do these days, and I've no problem with that.

"I could sit here and tell you I'm going to be manager for the next four years.

"I might not even be the manager beyond the next four minutes.

"That's football today, I've been in the game long enough, and I've had a great time as a football manager.

"If the powers-that-be here at Wigan deem that someone else can do better than me, then I'll be a Wigan supporter for life."

When asked whether he was confident he could turn it round, Cook replied: "We got asked this last year, and it bores the life out of me the questions you have to answer now, without being disrespectful.

"No-one knows whether we can turn it round, it's only time.

"The reality is we're in a relegation fight, and to get out of the relegation fight we have to win games.

"Are we capable of winning games? I believe of course we are.

"Today certainly wasn't a nice finish to the game, but for 77 minutes I don't think we did anything wrong in the game.

"That's how cruel football can be.

"I'm certainly not going to turn it round by telling you (the media) how I'm going to turn it round.

"I'd like to go away and just lick my wounds, like we always do in football.

"The reality is we're in a relegation fight, it's very tough down there and wins are hard to find.

"Especially when you're in winning positions, like we've been, especially when things are going against you, like they have.

"We managed to stay up last year, and I certainly think managing to stay up this year would be deemed a success, with the playing squad we have."