Wigan Athletic boss showing no signs of flagging!

With just over a fortnight remaining of a nine-month campaign, it's only natural for tiredness and fatigue to be setting in.

Tuesday, 17th April 2018, 2:22 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th April 2018, 2:26 pm
Paul Cook

Not just among players, but also supporters and local journalists!

Everyone, it seems, apart from Wigan Athletic boss Paul Cook!

“I’ve enjoying Liverpool at the moment...we’re going well and that’s where I’m getting my energy from!” he laughed.

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“I’m only kidding...I just think tiredness and fatigue are sometimes easy things to point to.

“Look back to last Wednesday after the Rochdale game. Was anyone fatigued or tired? No.

“But come in on Monday morning after Rotherham, and all of a sudden everyone’s shattered.

“A lot of it is in the head. Psychologically, it’s my job to keep the players on track.

“Rest is huge at this stage of the season...freshness is everything.

“We’re not going to be teaching our lads too much tactical stuff at this stage either.

“We’re aware of the threats of the opposition, and if their threats are bigger than ours on the day then we have a problem.

“The main thing as far as we’re concerned is getting the lads back out on the pitch in as good a condition as possible.

“The games are coming thick and fast, and Rotherham was probably the first time you could say we’ve seen signs of fatigue.”

Cook hinted after the 0-0 draw against Rotherham at the weekend that he would be making changes for tonight’s visit of Oxford.

And he has explained his reasoning behind that.

“You’ve got to look at the data you’re being given, and certainly on Saturday it wasn’t an outstanding performance by us without the ball,” he revealed.

“We’re lucky enough to have that data, we’ll check on all the lads and how they are, but we’ll see what team we can patch together.”

But while many of us are looking forward to the summer – and a chance to recharge batteries – Cook’s happy to steam on regardless!

“I’m not tired, I love my footy,” he smiled. “I’m trying to convince the missus if we can go to the World Cup to look at players.

“Sadly she’s says we can’t afford any of them...!”