Wigan Athletic 'in better position than last week', says Lisa Nandy

Wigan Athletic are 'in a better position than 10 days ago' – despite the hammer blow of seeing the proposed Spanish takeover fall through.
Lisa Nandy MPLisa Nandy MP
Lisa Nandy MP

That’s the view of Wigan MP Lisa Nandy, who says the reopening of the process will allow the club to secure a more credible and viable long-term owner.

Ms Nandy also cast huge doubt that the revised Spanish bid would have been passed by the EFL in any case.

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“It was far from certain that bid was ever going to be approved,” she said.

“In fact, in my opinion – and I can’t preempt decisions the EFL hadn’t made – but it was increasingly unlikely it was going to be approved.

“It was getting desperate, for those of us who have been involved in this process.

“It was a process of attrition, where we were still losing good players but we were still incurring costs, and it felt like we were completely stuck with no obvious end in sight.

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“So the decision this week to break the contract with the Spanish and start talking to other bidders, in my opinion, actually opens up the prospect of getting things moving again.

“As frustrating as that is, six months down the line, that is what we have to now focus on.

“I think this football club is actually in a better position than it was 10 days ago.

“That is not something I say lightly, but I think it’s true.”

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Administrators have set a fresh deadline of today for interested parties to come back to the table.

They announced on Wednesday three bidders had already commenced formal talks, and Ms Nandy says she too has been in touch with potential bidders.

“I’ve spoken to two of the potential bidders in the last 24 hours, and I know Jonathan (Jackson, former Latics CEO) and Caroline (Molineux, Supporters Club chair) have had contacts with others,” she added on the 'Progress With Unity' podcast.

“I’ve also got a list in front of me of bidders who have been in touch with us over the last few months, who remain interested.

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“You don’t keep ringing up the local MP asking if there have been any developments if you’re not serious about getting involved.

“There are people we know who have money, and who have a desire to buy Wigan Athletic.

"And what we’ve been trying to do is make sure we get those bids in as quickly as possible.”