Latics guest player column - Ryan Colclough

Ryan Colclough
Ryan Colclough

It’s obviously been an eventful week!

At times it’s seemed a little bit surreal – scoring two goals and then racing to hospital to see my little baby being born – but I’ve just been trying to keep my head down and concentrating on my family and my football.

I’ve tried not to get too distracted, but my phone’s not stopped ringing, non-stop texting...every time I check social media it’s non-stop scrolling through hundreds of messages.

It’s all good, but when you’re doing it every five minutes it’s a bit mad!

I even saw a tweet from Harry Kane, saying he would have stayed on the field and completed his hat-trick before going off the field!

I noticed he tagged his partner in, so maybe that was a bit of banter between them.

Maybe with him being the England striker there’s more pressure on him to score goals. But as we were comfortably in the lead it was more important for me to get off to hospital.

Being there at the birth was a special moment, as it was when my first little boy was born.

It’s been a mad few days but Steph, my partner, and baby Harley are both doing really well.

We’re all together at home now, Wednesday was the first night we were all together.

It’s been a little bit strange for my other little boy, who’s only three.

He hasn’t really come up to the baby yet, he’s a little bit shy, but I’m sure he’ll come around.

The first night was a little bit mad, I didn’t get any sleep at all.

We’ve had great support from family, who’ve been round to help us get to grips with things.

I have a pretty good routine anyway, so I’ll get my sleep and help out when I’m awake so it works well.

All the Wigan lads have been very supportive, right from the final whistle on Tuesday night.

Everyone will have seen the message from Max (Power) after the game, and he’s been an amazing help in getting me to where I am, back in the team and playing well.

He’s been picking me up, taking me in early, doing extra work with me.

Since I’ve been at Wigan he’s been a massive role model for me. He’s only a year older, but he seems a lot older than he actually is.

Whatever went on with Max at the start of the season – and that’s his business – he was always the first one to training, always the best trainer, always did the most extra work, and always remained totally committed.

It’s a great set of lads in general to be fair – there’s a real togetherness in the group.

People can say what they want about last season, but this year the dressing room is a great place to be.

We’re all pulling together, because we all want the same thing – to get the club back to where we should be.

As far as Saturday’s game at Rotherham goes, I’m hoping to be involved.

I went down to the training ground on Wednesday morning, first thing, to drop off my kit, because I wasn’t allowed to stay at the hospital overnight!

Since then I’ve been doing everything you’d expect a new father to be doing, but as far as I’m concerned I’m still available for Saturday.

On Wednesday night I managed to get a pretty good sleep, so I’m back in a routine.

Hopefully the manager will keep me in his plans and we’ll see what happens with that.

If I wanted time off I’m sure I’d be allowed it, but we’ve got plenty of family around the house, so we have that support.

I’ll definitely be in training on Friday and ready to go again on Saturday.

It’s important for me to keep my head down and concentrate on my football, because ultimately that will help me provide for my family.

Ryan Colclough was speaking to Paul Kendrick