Latics guest player column - Sam Morsy

Sam Morsy
Sam Morsy

We had plenty of chances to have killed the game off at Fylde last weekend.

They’ve had probably the one decent chance with the penalty and fair play to them.

All we can do is dust ourselves down and do the business in the replay now.

Sometimes you just have to take the fact you’re still in the cup and take it to the replay and finish the job.

Sometimes it just doesn’t happen for you, the ball just won’t go in for you.

The Portsmouth game in the league was similar - we dominated, we had chances, but the ball wouldn’t just go in.

If you don’t take your chances, you can’t complain if you don’t win.

We’re still taking it one game at a time, stay focused on the next hurdle in front of us.

The next hurdle in front of us is Fleetwood, and we know they’ll give us another tough test at the DW.

But our home form has been very good this season - apart from the blip against Bradford.

And we’ll go into the game full of confidence and looking to get back to winning ways.

We’re obviously in a very good position in the league, even though we all know there’s still another gear we can move up to.

I was glued to the TV the other day and the draw for the World Cup finals.

Obviously I’m so excited at the possibility of taking part, with Egypt having qualified last month.

It was so exciting watching it to be fair.

It’s a great draw for us, and it gives us motivation to keep doing well between now and then.

I really feel the build-up to the World Cup has started, because you know who you’ll be coming up against in the group stage, and you can start to plan for that. We’ll be looking at other squads for their top players, and they’ll be doing the same about us. We’ve got a player in absolutely scintillating form, in Mo Salah.

And as long as that’s the case, anything is possible.

He’s in phenomenal form at the moment.

At the start of the season people were questioning him, and whether he could do it in the Premier League – was he a good enough finisher?

But having worked with him, seeing him up close and personal, he’s such a good finisher, and it’s not surprising at all to see how well he’s doing.

At the same time, he’s such a humble guy, nothing will get into his head, and he will continue to get better and better.

The sky’s the limit for someone that good.

Players like him deserve to be playing on the biggest stage, he’s doing so in the Champions League and next summer he’ll be a big player in the World Cup.

When you’re that good, you can do what you want, and I can’t wait to see how he does.

But it’s not just about him - we’ve got a quality team and a quality squad.

The thing about football, the reason it’s so loved all around the world, is nothing is ever guaranteed. You never know what you’re going to get, and every team will be going over there next summer thinking anything is possible.

Sam Morsy was speaking to Paul Kendrick