Player Column: Top six the minimum for Max Power

Max Power
Max Power

IT shows how much we’ve progressed that the lads were disappointed with the draw at Bradford.

Even on Monday morning, there was still a bit of regret that we could have done more.

If we can stick in the pack, where we want to be, up to Christmas, I think the class of the squad will shine through and we can push on

Max Power

But we’re starting to put things together and show what we’re capable of.

With the number of players who came in,it as always going to take a bit of time. You can’t put so many new players together and expect them to gel overnight. But we’re nine games unbeaten now and the four draws we had on the bounce early in that run, they could easily have been wins.

It was a case of fine-tuning here or there and it all came together in the Colchester game. We were unplayable on the day.

We won 5-0 but it could have been 10. We backed it up with a win at Peterborough, who are one of the best attacking teams in the league. To get the three points there was a good result – and it looked even better when you look at their 4-0 win against Doncaster at the weekend.

Peterborough will put a lot of teams to the sword at home this season.

It was a long week for us, travel-wise, and we’d put so much into those two games that – in the end – a draw at Bradford was probably a fair result.

But seven points from nine was a good return, especially with two tough away games in there.

Momentum is a big thing in football, and the longer you stay unbeaten, it puts fear into the opponents’ minds straight away.

It’s like you’ve got a mental step ahead of them before kick-off – they’re thinking of not

getting beaten, and it plays into our hands.

For me, confidence is everything. The Colchester game was what you would call a confident performance, and if you get that running throughout the team there’s no reason why we can’t achieve our goal – which is promotion.

It’s still early on and there’s a lot of football to be played between now and then.

But if we can stick in the pack, where we want to be, up to Christmas, I think the class of the squad will shine through and we can push on.

We play Swindon this Saturday, and I think they’re in a false position. I looked at the team they had out on Saturday and there are some very good players in there.

I’m sure they won’t be down there come the end of the season.

There’s no point looking at the league and thinking ‘we’re playing second-bottom’... it doesn’t work like that.

We’ve got to approach it like every game, give them the respect they deserve but at the same time, hopefully carry on our unbeaten home record.

I WAS well off-target at the DW Stadium this week... playing table-tennis!

I took part in a community event with Reece James and Craig Morgan, which was good fun – but I can’t say I was any good at it.

I’ve always enjoyed other sports – cricket, tennis – and I played rugby at school until Year 10.

But table-tennis is one sport I don’t like! The Wigan lads played up in Scotland during pre-season, I was awful, but thankfully we don’t do that often. Give me Fifa any day!

If we’re staying away with the team in a hotel, I always try and take my Playstation with me.

I play against Grant Holt online quite a bit, and we’re pretty even.

I usually pick Real Madrid or Barcelona. I can remember the first time I was on the Fifa game – I was 18-years-old and playing at Tranmere.

It was good to boast about it to your mates – but then on the flip-side, they kept telling me I wasn’t very good! I was slow, couldn’t pass, couldn’t shoot... there were certain things you could do to boost your rating so I had to do that, because I was only a 50 or something like that!

A FEW people have been asking me about my goal celebration.

It came about when we were away in La Manga during pre-season. My mate David Ball was on trial with us – he’s at Fleetwood now – and we were just messing around. I did it, he did it, and it went from there.

I said, ‘The first time I get a goal I’ll do it’, and now it’s stuck!

David’s not scored yet, so I’ve given him a bit of stick, but he says once he gets a goal he’ll do it. Michael Jacobs did it at Bradford on Saturday – it’s infectious!

I’VE had some stick over the years about my name –with The Simpson’s and that (Homer’s superhero alter-ego) – but I take it in good heart.

My mum is called Maxine, but I’m actually named after our dog. We had a Labrador years ago named Max and I took his name. So I have my mum and dad to thank for it!

I’m sure my name is good for reporters if I score, it’s maybe made for a headline – but if it’s in a headline hopefully it means I’m doing something right. My son is named Max, too. He’s three next month and a real handful! But I love being a dad, it’s great to switch off from football and spend time with him.