Wigan Athletic boss targets another ‘one or two’

Paul Cook
Paul Cook

Paul Cook admits he’ll be on the look-out for ‘maybe one or two’ possible incomings at Wigan Athletic ahead of Wednesday night’s 11pm transfer deadline.

But he would happily shut the window now and attack the rest of the campaign with the squad he has at his disposal.

“There’s probably one or two more spaces in the squad to be filled,” Cook told the Wigan Post. “Whether we fill them or not is another matter.

“If the correct player doesn’t become available, then we won’t full the spaces.

“I’ve got great faith in the squad at my disposal, they’ve got us into this great position.

“But sometimes in a window you can be looking for a little bit more insurance.

“We haven’t had as many injuries as some clubs have had, and that can bite into a squad quite quickly.

“If we were to stay injury-free for the rest of the year, would we be happy with the squad? Yes, of course.

“Can we guarantee that? No, of course not.

“So maybe there will be one or two more to come in, we’ll continue to monitor that.”

Cook has been relatively quiet so far this month, bringing in Hearts forward Jamie Walker, Sunderland striker James Vaughan and Swansea midfielder Jay Fulton, and waving goodbye to loan pair Lee Evans (Wolves) and Ivan Toney (Newcastle), and selling Jack Byrne to Oldham.

After offloading a host of players last summer to get the squad down to a manageable number, Cook feels it’s all about quality – not quantity.

“We haven’t had as big a squad as some people have thought,” the Latics boss said.

“We’ve been, touch wood, quite lucky with injuries and suspensions so far.

“Obviously with Lee Evans moving on, there was always a spot to fill.

“Jay Fulton coming in is part and parcel of that, and we look forward to welcoming him to the group.

“We look to dominate the ball, so any competition for what we have is healthy.”

While fans and the media go overboard at this time of year, Cook doesn’t care for the feeding frenzy.

“I don’t really enjoy January to be honest,” he revealed.

“If things are going well, you just want it to go as quickly as possible.

“If you’re genuinely shopping around to make yourself better, I suppose you might enjoy it a bit more. But you just have to get on with it.”

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