Wigan Athletic guest column: Christian Walton

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First things first, last Saturday was a great day for the club.

We never take a backward step against anyone, and we really deserved the win against West Ham.

After doing well against Bournemouth in the last round – in both games – the gaffer changed the team and we did another great job.

We were excellent from start to finish, and West Ham didn’t really have a sniff of our goal.

It was obviously good to get another clean sheet – that’s the first priority as a goalkeeper.

The defence record has been great this year, and it’s a real team effort to be fair.

Being able to come back from my injury and step into a team playing so well has made my job easy.

Of course it’s great when you’re not having to make save after save.

The challenge is to remain focused right to the end, in case you’re needed.

I have to say, the fans were amazing – the atmosphere inside the DW was fantastic from start to finish.

It obviously makes a massive difference when the stadium’s like that.

West Ham brought a great crowd with them, they filled their end, and it got our fans going as well.

It was the same down at Bournemouth, both sets of supporters made for a great occasion.

As a player, you want to play on the biggest stage you can, and it brought out the best in the players.

That’s what I came here for, to try and get as many experiences like this as possible.

On a personal note, it was great to play against such a great goalkeeper as Joe Hart.

Joe’s been a great goalkeeper for our country for many years, and is still the England No.1.

He’s someone who I looked up to while I was coming through the ranks, and it was a real thrill to play against him.

I made sure I got his shirt at the end, and it’s a nice little bit of memorabilia for the collection!

It’s obviously everyone’s dream to play for the full England team, as well as playing week in, week out in the Premier League.

In order to do that, I need to make the most of this loan spell, keep my head down and get that Saturday feeling.

Longer term, over the next three or four years, is to get up to that level of performance, and hopefully I can get there.

We’ve managed to stay on top of League One despite not playing last weekend or in midweek.

Obviously we were disappointed to see the Rochdale game on Tuesday night postponed.

But the weather’s not been great and these things happen.

At the back of your mind you are looking at other teams, and seeing what they’re doing.

But ultimately it’s up to us and what we do, and to stay on top of the table.

We just need to concentrate on ourselves, and what we do.

It’s going to be tight all the way to the end of the season, and we need to keep focused on the next game.

* Christian Walton was speaking to Paul Kendrick