Wigan Athletic's plans to make DW Stadium pay

Mal Brannigan has outlined his plans to see Wigan Athletic finally make the most of their assets – including the DW Stadium.

Monday, 4th October 2021, 2:03 pm
Updated Monday, 4th October 2021, 2:06 pm
The DW Stadium

With Leam Richardson’s side having hit the ground running in League One, after a whirlwind summer of recruitment, Brannigan is switching his sights to ensuring the income streams are what they should be off the field.

“We’re always looking to other stadiums around the country, to see how they’re being used and how they’re encouraging new revenue streams to come in,” he said. “As an ownership group, we will absolutely look at everything in that respect.

“There’ll be times when it’s concerts, or boxing, or darts... it’s about how we can make the stadium a venue where things happen. We’ve got brilliant facilities within the stadium, and enormous car parking on site.

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“We’re not far from town, so people can walk safely from the centre if there is an event on.

“We need to encourage new income streams, new sports to want to come here and put on shows.

“And as we start to move away from our focus of putting together a squad by the end of the transfer window, it’s about moving on to the next phase, of trying to generate additional income streams coming in.”

Part of that plan will involve cashing in on naming rights to the stadium.

“It’s on the list, but it remains a challenging market at the moment,” Brannigan added.

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