How Wigan Warriors fans reacted to the signing of George Burgess on social media

George Burgess has signed a three-year deal with Wigan
George Burgess has signed a three-year deal with Wigan

George Burgess' move to Wigan next season was confirmed last night. Here is how these fans reacted on Twitter and Facebook...

Rob Tilsley: Amazing how many fans are saying they’re getting season tickets again after this weeks news!! New kit supplier and Wigan fans really will have nothing to moan about.

Mavis Gilfallan: We’ve got our Mojo back thanks Mr L. Something to look forward to.

Peter Baynes: Good signing for Wigan, a prop is just what they need. Not sure how wise it is that any club is signing players for 2021 and beyond when there's a high possibility sky will walk away or vastly reduce the £££

Mick Saunders: Great strategy announcing 3 major signings before the play offs, enormous boost for the club, still 8/1 for the gf, got to be worth a tenner.

Tom Lawton: Wow the club have made some signings for next year.

Lee Belshaw: Fantastic signing. Hope he hits the ground running and helps the young lads reach their full potential.

Andy Crockat: Attendances will be up. These signings will surely get bums on seats.

Michael Ashton: Season tickets for next season should rocket. Fantastic signings.

Si Andrews: May as well just hand the Grand final over to us at the start of the year.

Kate Iddon: We will clean-up next season if these new signings all gel into the system easily ! Buzzing with all the new signings but Hastings, Burgess & French in particular are a massive statement of intent.

NicHola Barrington: Fantastic news! Great signing.

Carole Knox: Brilliant! Wigan a force to be reckoned with.

Karl Clayton: Its about time we started signing quality again. The last few signatures are top drawer and I can't wait for next season.