Amy’s muscling in on success

Amy Rigby
Amy Rigby
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AMY Rigby is preparing for a hectic schedule following her recent success.

The mum-of-one was twice on the podium at the Miss Galaxy Universe competition. She placed 1st for their new ShowGirl category and 3rd in the Bikina Diva.

It came at the end of a good few months for Rigby, who works in the IT department at Heinz.

She finished 2nd in her group at the Miami Pro World Championships in April and 5th at the Fit Factor Body Power Expo at the Brimingham NEC.

She has secured a sponsorship deal with Monkey Nutrition and has already started looking at what she can aim for next.

Rigby, who lives in Standish, said: “I’m not fully certain what is next but I will either be doing a WBFF comp at the London O2 in November this year or competing with UKBFF next year.

“But for now I am concentrating on my fitness modelling, I have photoshoots planned over the next couple of months for my portfolio and various other things lined up.

“The training and clean dieting continues too – there are exciting times ahead!”

Incredibly, Rigby only began training to regain her ‘normal’ size after she had daughter Eva in 2010. But after catching the training bug, the 32-year-old went a few steps further – and made a successful bodybuilding


Rigby won the Beach Body category of the Miss Galaxy Universe Fall Classic at St Albans. And she backed it up with a third-place finish at the Nabba Miss Britain Toned

Figure Finals in Dudley.

Rigby, who lives in Standish, is still surprised at her transformation. She recalled: “I put on quite a bit of weight, so after about three months after I decided to do some boot camps at RM Fitness in Wigan.

“For two years I was just doing it to get fit.

“I saw acouple of people on Facebook who were competing in bodybuilding events and I thought, ‘Why not give it ago?’ “So for the first one, I only really trained properly for six weeks before it –so I was made up with how I did.”

Rigby’s pre-tournament schedule includes gruelling training sessions and up to six meals a day.