Catch of the day

Mark Bowman with his 29lb beauty
Mark Bowman with his 29lb beauty

WIGAN anglers had some excellent results at the weekend.

Jon Neafcy, who runs the Wigan region of the pike anglers club of Great Britain, hailed a catch by John Boothman’s as a record.

He said: “We had cracking property average of 21lbs 6ozs and a few lovely stunners from Wyre lake.

“John caught ‘Glad 3’ at a whopping 38lbs 6oz – the biggest ever recorded weight – and Garry Brown caught ‘Long Common’ from Wyre at 31lbs.

“Mark Bowman has a beautiful looking 29lber – the winter colours are breath-taking at the moment. There was a lovely 28lber from River lake and a couple of upper doubles from S1.

“As well as a good quantity of jack pike being caught from Wyre, Bantons, S1, S2 and River lakes there has been some considerably high doubles from River lake including a stunning 20lber – these high pike figures have been quite a mystery to us as we have had such a warm October and November.”

The next coarse match on Fox’s lake is on Sunday December 14 and their next pike match is on the same day.

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