I don't want to look back at 40 and have regrets - James Moorcroft

Wigan’s James Moorcroft is aiming to have “no regrets” about his boxing career as he prepares for this month’s bout at the Macron Stadium.

The 24-year old has won his first four professional bouts, including an unanimous points victory in his last outing against Chris Jenkinson in December at the Robin Park Arena.

James Moorcroft (left) and Lee Blundell

James Moorcroft (left) and Lee Blundell

Moorcroft stated that although he enjoyed his last fight with Jenkinson, he’s working hard on improving from his previous performance ahead of his showdown against Danny Little on Saturday February 24.

He said: “My last fight was good. I enjoyed it, it wasn’t really what I expected, with Chris being very much up there and in his previous fight, he fought for the central area title.

“I was expecting a good tough gruelling fight, I trained really hard for it, and had a good nine-week camp.

“I don’t know whether he was having an off-day, or whether I just cut him down well, but he didn’t really come back with much.

“At the end of the day, that fight’s gone, and we’ve got to move on from that and we start from square one again.

“I’m really looking forward to improve on that performance.

“I’m my own biggest critic, and I saw things in the fight that let me down. My hands were a bit low and I got tagged with a couple of shots which I could have avoided, but it’s nothing too much.

“We’ve been working hard on improving on the things that I’ve been bringing down, but also improving on the things that I’ve been doing well, as I can do them a lot better.

"Skill-wise, strength-wise, every camp is different, and every camp is harder, and we just keep improving, and that’s all we can do until I retire really. We always improve in every fight, otherwise, you will keep going backwards.”

The Hindley ace has revealed that he prepares for every fight as if it was a world title fight, regardless of his opponent on the evening.

“There is no room for complacency. It doesn’t matter if you are fighting a rank 102, or a rank 2, you have to got to fight for this fight, because at the end of the day, it’s a fight, anything can happen,” he said.

“Every time I train, I’m training for a world title fight, it doesn’t matter who I’m fighting. Obviously not having an amateur background, I feel like I have got to train harder, and I know that I’m training a lot harder than a lot of people.

Moorcroft said that he no longer feels any nerves ahead of a fight, due to his dedication to training, and admitted that it is “now or never” to succeed as a boxer.

“I’m feeling mega confident, I believe confidence comes from training hard,” he said.

“I don’t get nervous before fights as I know I’ve put the graft in. I think nerves come through people who think, ‘I could have ran that little bit further, I could have trained that little bit harder’.

“I leave nothing in the tank.

“Boxing is a very quick sport. It’s a very tough sport, and you’ve maybe got seven or eight years in boxing, as you are in and out, and it’s a young man’s game. I want to give everything while I can, before I can.

“I don’t want to look back as a 40-year-old and say I was at that level but I could have pushed that little bit harder, and could have gave that little bit more and made something. But I don’t want those what ifs, I want to do it now. It’s now or never for me.”