Meadows vows to bounce back

Jenny Meadows
Jenny Meadows

JENNY Meadows has pledged to come back better than ever after her shock Olympic snub.

The omission of the Wigan Harrier was the major talking point when the Team GB squad for London 2012 was announced last week.

Meadows hasn’t run so far this year because of an Achilles problem, and the selectors decided that the 2011 European Indoor champion wasn’t worth the gamble.

After deciding against competing in the London Diamond League event next weekend, Meadows is currently out in Dubai formulating a comeback plan.

But hanging up her spikes is definitely not an option.

“I’ve had a while to reflect upon things now and decided as an athlete I have nothing to prove,” she said.

“The only thing 2012 has proved for me is that I am injured.

“The Olympic selection was in my hands and I could not compete by the selection deadline.

“What I can do now is make sure I am not injured in 2013 so I have decided to take a break from trying to get back to compete.

“I will then get back to fitness at the speed that the Achilles wants to and not at the speed that I needed it to in order to make deadlines.

“Next target is to defend my European Indoor title!”

Meadows is still coming to terms with the hammer blow of being told by coach Charles van Commenee she had not made the cut for her ‘home’ Olympics.

But she admits it never crossed her mind to appeal the decision – in case it impacted on the one chosen athlete, Lynsey Sharp.

“To be honest, I’m stunned that there will be only one competitor in the women’s 800m,” she added.

“The scenario they’ve gone for would mean de-selecting one athlete and I don’t want to be the person to do that.

“Lynsey and her family and coaching team will be ecstatic and I couldn’t deprive her of that.

“I’ve been in the situation in the past when I’ve not got picked and I’ve been absolutely devastated. I would never want to take her sweets away from her.

“I hope Lynsey does well at the Olympics but there will be a lot of pressure on her.

“And I am sure there will be a couple of Americans and Russians pleased to only see one Brit out there.”

Meadows also relived the pain of taking the phonecall from Van Commenee to tell her she hadn’t made it.

She explained: “Charles phoned me – it was a short call – and just said: “I’m really sorry, it’s bad news.

“He told me it had made it hard for them to select me because I had not shown any form or fitness.

“I just didn’t see it coming. It’s a massive slap in the face.

“I knew the hardest thing for me would be to get selected because, by the time of the Olympics, I knew I would be in good shape.”