No “crisis” for Jenny Meadows

Jenny Meadows
Jenny Meadows

JENNY Meadows insists there is no “crisis” following her disappointing seventh-placed finish at last Sunday’s 800m in the Sainsbury’s Birmingham Grand Prix.

The 34-year-old was in fine form at the start of the year, running two sub-two minute 800m efforts indoors before illness forced her to withdraw from the European 800m indoor final.

It’s not a crisis, just a minor blip but I will be hoping for a lot better performances than that

Jenny Meadows

But her first major outing of the outdoor season was a ‘disaster’ in Meadows’ own words, as the former world bronze medallist ended up seventh in a time of 2:01.92minutes - though she is already looking forward to rediscovering her best form.

“It’s not a crisis, just a minor blip but I will be hoping for a lot better performances than that,” she said,

“Maybe that defeat will give me a kick in the bum and make me get my killer instinct because I need to find it pretty quickly.”

The winner was world champion Eunice Sum with Meadows’ compatriot Laura Muir in second but for Meadows there was only disappointment.

“I don’t even want to focus on the finishing position, I am almost a little bit embarrassed with that,” said Meadows, speaking at the event, a partnership with British Athletics that builds on Sainsbury’s support for the 2012 Paralympics and recognises that sport can unite and inspire children of all ages.

“It’s not that I don’t think I can beat Eunice Sum the world champion, she’s a great competitor.

“But I definitely wanted to come second in the race if I could win it I would have tried to, third at the worst.

“I don’t like scrolling down the screen.

“I am kind of scratching my head, I can’t really put my finger on why that was, in my words, a disaster.

“It was a heavy defeat and I cannot get away from that fact.

“I can’t believe I am having this conversation, I really thought I was going to be coming in the top three.”

Meadows’ 2012 and 2013 seasons were blighted by injury before she made her real competitive return in finishing sixth in the Commonwealth Games final last year.

But without much competitive racing under her belt, Meadows conceded it might well be her mindset rather than anything physical that needs changing.

“After 2012 and 2013 not racing, 2014 I raced but I was not fit,” she added.

“I am really physically fit now but I think I just lack being in competitive races, I did well indoors but all my races were like time trials indoors.

“The gun would go and I would just run, I didn’t have to make any decisions, negotiate anybody else so I think I am a bit race rusty.

“Certainly in training my times have been really good.”

Sainsbury’s is a proud partner of British Athletics. The partnership reflects Sainsbury’s wider commitment to inspiring healthy lifestyles for all, and complements grassroots campaigns such as Active Kids and the Sainsbury’s School Games. www.sainsburys.co.uk