Orrell girls’ time to shine

Orrell RUFC girls' team played their first ever games last weekend
Orrell RUFC girls' team played their first ever games last weekend
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Orrell RUFC girls’ captain Ellen Hartley reports on her team’s success.

After a few weeks of recruiting members for the new Orrells’ girls’ team, we recently began training as a team.

This was exciting news for girls who are at the end of their last season with their mixed team because they now have a local girl’s team to play for when they have to stop playing with the mixed team.

And last weekend we travelled to Tyldesley’s rugby ground where a huge surprise awaited the team – not one match but three!

The Orrell team, a mixed age team with an approximate age of 11, got off to a steady start by scoring a try almost straight away. Then there was the second try for Orrell from the youngest player on the team.

At the end of the match, we managed to score one more try to seal a 4-0 win in our first ever game.

Our second match was Wythenshawe who had many players taller than us.

We knew it would be a tough match. Their side was defending first, but managed to turn the ball over, and scored a try.

We knew that we would have to work hard to score a try and unfortunately, we suffered a defeat in this match.

Apart from losing the match, I believe that Orrell played really well and that we showed brilliant resilience. We knew that we still had a match left to play, and we knew that we could win it...

The third and last match was against Leigh, and we were determined to win it.

We had a flying start and scored a try. Then came two more tries for us.

After this, Leigh managed to score two tries, but we were still winning by one try. After some rapid running and brilliant rucking, Orrell managed to score two more tries.

At the end of the match, we managed to beat Leigh by three tries.

Every girl on the pitch was buzzing at the end of the matches.

Orrell player Robyn said: “I will remember these rugby matches forever because they were the first ones I have ever played in.

“This was a brilliant experience and it was exciting, apprehensive and shocking. This was a day to remember as this was Orrell’s first ever girls’ rugby team.”

RFU Community Manager Delta Williams said: “I’m so crazy proud of every single one of these girls.”