Boxer Andrew Fleming happy to put his proud record on the line

Boxer Andrew Fleming has launched an open challenge to any lightweight who wants to face him.

Thursday, 2nd May 2019, 3:45 pm
Updated Monday, 6th May 2019, 9:16 am
Andrew Fleming in action

Wigan’s Fleming, who is currently 6-0 as a professional, will return to action for the first time this year next Saturday, May 11 at the University of Bolton Stadium.The 25-year-old’s initial March comeback was delayed by a freak ear injury, but Fleming is now ready to make a statement upon his return.He said: “It’s a good ‘un. There’s two English title fights, packed undercard, and some good fights in store.“It’s my first six rounder so I’m looking for something exciting after my injury.“I’m feeling perfect now, my ear feels like it’s fully healed.“I cannot wait to get back out there and show people what I can do.“We’ve been trying to get a decent opponent rather than a journeyman.“I don’t really want to be getting to 10-0 only ever fighting journeymen as I want to progress – obviously not rush it too much – but I’ve fought better standard opponents in the amateurs, soI know I’m at that level where I can face someone at the same stage as me.“I’d love an unbeaten opponent, or someone with a winning record.“I’m calling out anyone out in the lightweight division who wants to fight me. I can make the lightweight limit, so I’d fight absolutely anyone.“I think I could beat anybody in that division as I’m very confident in myself.”Fleming has thrown down the challenge insisting he won’t hide from any potential opponents.Putting his record on the line, he acknowledges he won’t make progress without taking risks. He said: “You’ve got to have confidence – I know what I can do, and I know how far I can push myself.“There’s quite a few who we’ve looked at. If any of them want it, we’re there! We’re ready whenever, I’d fight them tomorrow.“I’m not hiding from anybody, and I would never turn down a fight. The nature of the sport is to fight the best and beat the best.“If you think you’ve got the potential, why would you avoid anybody? “People who avoid challenges are the ones who doubt their own ability. I have no doubt in mine, and I know I can compete at a high level and that’s I want to show the fans.“I want to let everyone know that we are ready for bigger and better things.“It’s standard in boxing to face journeymen in your first few fights to adapt to the transition – but I think after five- you’re ready to step up.”“These days, there is more pressure to keep unbeaten where it’s just one of those things. If you take a loss, you pick yourself up and keep going. I think there is too many people focusing on the wrong things.“You put yourself at risk all the time in boxing. If you’re going to take risks, take it against somebody proper. I think boxing needs to go back to the way it used to be.“I think I’m more than capable of winning a domestic title and hopefully further.“It’s down to me, and there’s only myself that can stop me.”

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