How Wigan Warriors fans reacted to the 20-10 loss to Hull FC

Wigan fans took to social media to have their say as Wigan crashed out of the Challenge Cup, losing 20-10 to Hull FC in today's quarter-final...

Jackson Hastings after the game
Jackson Hastings after the game

@alexG6: Grand finals, league leaders, big signings, players & coaches of the month but we’re not winning major trophies (and prize money) since 2018. What’s the solution for Radlinski and Lenagan?

@angelacoats4: Lam has given Zak the chance to retain the spot but I think after that performance today, French should be back to FB next week.

@gmcneill57: Another big must win game, another loss. When teams get through their sets and kick to the corner, we are clueless. Stupid penalties and dropping the ball don’t help either.

@jonlyon65: It doesn’t take long for people to turn, we don’t have a divine right to win the cup, 100% record in the league, one bad performance and suddenly every players crap and the coach needs to go.

@dazza2311: Awful performance, some more than others. Byrne n Zak were dreadful. Manfredi should’ve been on at half time for Hardaker and Bevan at fullback.

@k_iddon: It’s not Wigan unless we have one of those horrible games like today in our season! Carbon copy of last year’s Cup exit. Errors, penalties, poor kicking game…! At least everyone saved their poor game for today ! Hull deserved it - we go again!

@shutupcrazyfool: We had ‘one of those days’ and we were still in the game at the end which says a lot about the spirit and quality of the side. Kick the goals and we could of been level near the end! Things still look good for the rest of the season!

Carl Gee: Lam said u’ll see a different team as he didn’t want them to show what they can do in the last game. I, a different team.


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Martyn Kelly: We haven't turned up really all year. It was unconvincing against York.

Bill MConville: Bad team selection and bad tactics. Got murdered in the forwards

Andrew Cunliffe: Best team won, no doubt. Expected more fire from Wigan. Manfredi the only positive really.

Ian Blackburn: Same as against Leeds last year.... looked second best in every area.