'˜It's a pineapple ring, John!'

They said what?! Here are 20 of our favourite Challenge Cup final quotes...

Wednesday, 23rd August 2017, 1:39 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:42 pm
Billy McGinty met PM John Major in the showers!
Billy McGinty met PM John Major in the showers!

20. “This is a pretty big trophy – the only way you would miss a chance of playing in it is if you had your legs chopped off. Even then you would probably try and find a pair of plastic ones.” Saints coach Ian Millward on Kris Radlinski playing in the 2002 final after a foot infection.

19. “They said that we were the underdogs. They didn’t realise we had a pack full of rottweillers, backs who were Yorkshire terriers, 13 bulldogs and everyone could run like a bloody greyhound.” Tim Adams, Sheffield chairman, explains how they beat Wigan in 1998.

18. “Our fans were so loud. If there were more Saints fans than Wigan fans, then I’m a Dutchman.” Irishman Brian Carney after the 2002 final in Edinburgh.

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John Ferguson has a crafty cigarette after the '85 final

17. “It was cannons against pea-shooters and I’m afraid we had all the pea-shooters.” Losing Saints coach Alex Murphy in 1989.

16. “Denis Betts’ X-ray showed that he comes for upper middle class stock, Why then is he playing Rugby League?” Club doctor Dr Ansar Zaman, after Betts suffered a suspected broken ankle in 1993.

15. “I’ll have this cup of tea, a good scoff and about 20 pints tonight.” Shaun Edwards, clutching a cup of tea in the dressing room, 1992.

14. “You are looking at the only West Indian to hold an unbeaten goal kicking record at Wembley.” Henderson Gill after kicking three goals from three attempts, 1985.

John Ferguson has a crafty cigarette after the '85 final

13. “I don’t know whether it was the best try ever scored at Wembley, but it was certainly the best scored by anyone in my street” Martin Offiah on his long-range try in 1994.

12. “The players have been taking Viagra in eye-drop form all week. It did nothing for their sex-drive but it made them look hard.’” Physio Keith Mills, 2002.

11. “I would take Ferguson off now. He’s obviously carrying a leg and doesn’t look fit.” Commentator Alex Murphy seconds before Ferguson raced in for this second try in 1985.

10. “I just feel important to be part of such a great team. Excuse me, but do you mind if I go to the toilet now?” Va’aiga Tuigamala, celebrates victory over Leeds in 1994.

9. “Is Giz (Shaun Edwards) out of the shower yet? He’ll be having an argument with himself in the mirror.” Martin Dermott in the dressing room in 1993.

8. “ That’s the second time I’ve had a try disallowed at Wembley – but on the last occasion I was a schoolboy and burst into tears.” Phil Clarke after having a try ruled out by the referee in 1993.

7. “Anyone got a light?” John Ferguson celebrates his two tries against Hull in 1985 with a cigarette.

6. “If I retire tomorrow, I’ll be happy. I’d sit on the couch all day, eat, drink... and watch this game over and over again.” Scott Taylor, 2013.

5. “At this rate I’ll pick up a tidy sum at the end of the season. I’ll put some of it in the players’ kitty, but not all of it. Do I look like Father Christmas? I’m not even the right colour.”

Frano Botica after landing five goals from as many attempts in 1992.

4. “Who’s Lance Todd? I’ve never heard of him.” Jeff Lima after winning the man of the match prize, 2011.

3. “I’ve just met John Major in the nude. That’s me in the nude, by the way, not John Major.” Joe Lydon in the dressing room, ‘92.

2. “It’s a pineapple ring John.” Billy McGinty speaking to PM John Major in ‘92 after he asked what the piece of yellow foam over his manhood was. McGinty has placed the circle sponge pad there so he didn’t lose it in the shower!

1.”Well I’ll never eat pineapple again.”

Major’s reply, picked up by the BBC cameras.