Liam Farrell discusses his aims as Wigan Warriors captain and provides an injury update after missing the end of last season

Liam Farrell says he focussed on setting high standards in his role as Wigan Warriors captain.

The 32-year-old has taken over the armband from Thomas Leuluai, who announced his retirement at the end of the 2022 campaign.

Farrell states there are a number of notable past Wigan captains who he looks up to, but will ultimately aim to put his own stamp on the role.

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“One that comes to mind straight away is Lockers (Sean O’Loughlin),” he said.

Liam Farrell

“He was captain of the club for over 10 years, winning numerous trophies, and is someone I highly respect.

“I was a young lad when I first joined and he was the skipper, so I look up to him and admire the amount of time he did.

“I’ve probably modelled myself on him in ways like his characteristics on and off the field.

“You can look at Andy Farrell as well who is a completely different type of role model.

“He is someone I really looked up to as a kid and is one of the best-ever Wigan players there has been.

“There’s been a lot of captains at this club who have been great, but I’m not trying to be anyone else; I’ll put my own stamp on it.

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“For me, it’s just about playing well.

People can get caught up with being a captain sometimes, but you’ve got to make sure you do your job and then everyone else can follow.

“Nothing really changes.

“I had the role in quite a few stints last year when Tommy (Leuluai) was missing.

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“It’s not the time for me to sit back and think the job is done because I’m the captain, it’s about setting the standards high again and pushing myself even more.

“Hopefully the rest of the lads can follow.

“We’ve got some great, experienced players like (Sam) Powell and Willie (Isa).

“Just because I’ve got the captain’s armband doesn’t mean I don’t need people around me as well.”

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Farrell missed the end of the 2022 campaign and the Rugby League World Cup after suffering a knee injury back in August, but is now back in full training.

“It was really disappointing with the timing of it,” he added.

“I missed the backend of the season and then the England stuff, but I’m all fit now and ready to go.

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“I’ve been in for the majority of pre-season, so the knee is good and the body is healthy.”