London Broncos v Wigan Warriors social media reaction

The social media reaction to Wigan Warriors’ defeat against Super League new-boys London Broncos, their third from four Super League games.

Sunday, 3rd March 2019, 5:37 pm
Updated Sunday, 3rd March 2019, 6:42 pm
Tony Clubb in action against his former club

@CallumPersy: “No passion. No class. No commitment. Nothing to give at all.”

@Tarikyasin7: “What has Lam done to these players? From Super League champs to Super League Chumps in 4 games.”

@pinktinkstacey: “This is not acceptable!!! I’m absolutely sick of it !!! Have they forgotten how to play again ! @WiganWarriorsRL.”

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@AdyPicton: “Not good enough to many average players you need to be of a certain type to play for Wigan and we haven’t got many at the moment will Edwards come to a championship team because as things stand that’s where we’re heading try bringing in some quality instead of budget buys.”

@paulfinchauthor: “Difficult to see how there can't be repercussions of some sort. This season is turning into a disaster.”

@the__don_: “Gutted for @WiganWarriorsRL. Genuinely. Heart bleeds. Might need a transfusion.”

@k_iddon: “It HAS to be an attitude thing ! No other explanation ! Do they not want to play for Lam ? Are they spitting the dummy out because Waney’s left ? International players, star youngsters, Champions just don’t go from the sublime to the ridiculous in the space of 4 months !!”

@PaulHolden1449: “I’m usually a very positive bloke and remained so up to this point. That performance is simply not good enough and can’t be defended. Big problems for Lam.”

Aitch Aspey: “I hope you all apologise when Wigan turn it around either today or mid season. Nothing like a Wiganers to give up after four games and hang the boss is it.”

Mark Baker: “Bottom dwellers this season. I don’t what lam thinks attacking rugby looks like but this is utter garbage. And we can’t defend anymore.”

Christian Stott: “The amount of so called fans on here gunning for lams and the players necks after 4 matches need give their heads a bloody wobble. It was 2 points down at half time hardly run away with it get a grip and get behind the team!”

Anne Jones: “Can someone tell us what is going on at the club it can't be all about the coach as he is not responsible for players knocking on, poor discipline and senior players not showing the way. I think it's way deeper what's wrong at the club things like getting a coach for a year , replacing class with average players , being at the top of the salary cap knowing how many players have left falling crowds and the list goes on. And before some one says it's only early this has been going on for a few years now and yes I know we have won trophies but during the season we have been average and don't forget everyone wanted wane out. And the silence from lanagen and radlinski is deafening over Edwards. The spectators deserve better.”

Wayne Linford: “Embarrassing getting beat by London play like that all season they will finish bottom they should be beating them teams.”