Marshall gets a kick out of new role

Liam Marshall will be hoping to get his kicks at the Magic Weekend!

Thursday, 18th May 2017, 7:40 am
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:45 pm
Liam Marshall had never kicked a goal until last weekend

The winger had never kicked a goal – at any level – until being handed the role at the last minute last weekend.

He struck five from eight attempts in the 42-12 Challenge Cup win Swinton.

And with other more experienced kickers still missing, Shaun Wane confirmed Marshall is likely to hang onto the role for Saturday’s headlining Magic clash with Warrington in Newcastle.

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Winger Marshall revealed how he landed the goal-kicking duty. He said: “It was just a spare of the minute thing. I’ve never kicked before, not even at junior level.

“Nick Gregson has kicked before but he had a niggle and didn’t want to aggravate it (at Swinton).

“So on team-run day, a few of us were kicking and mine were going quite sweet, and so John (Winder, assistant coach) said, ‘We’ll have a look after training.’

“We stopped behind and no-one was putting their hand up, so I did. It may be something to take up, it may not.”

More experienced goal-kickers Morgan Escare, Sam Powell and Sam Tomkins are injured. George Williams is back in the frame - but is returning from a knee injury.

Young halfback Josh Woods may play if Thomas Leulaui doesn’t get the green-light to return from a broken jaw injury - other options for the goal-kicking role.

“I’ll probably go with Marshy again,” said Wane. “I don’t stress about it, as long as I see them practicing and trying their best.”