'˜Time to scrap draws and bring in golden point,' says Wigan Warriors ace Tomkins

Sam Tomkins says he would back any move to introduce golden point to Super League.
Sam TomkinsSam Tomkins
Sam Tomkins

Club bosses and chief executive Robert Elstone are discussing ways of making games more attractive next season.

A ‘shot clock’ – to cut breaks in play for drop-outs, scrums and goal-kicks – and cutting the number of interchanges from 10 to eight are also being considered.

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And Tomkins believes Super League games should go to sudden-death if the score is locked after 80 minutes.

“I think we should scrap the draw and go to golden point,” said the 29-year-old.

“I’ve been involved in it in the NRL, and nobody wants to see a draw. Nobody.

“If you’re an underdog and you get a draw, you think, ‘We could have won that and caused an upset’, and if you’re a big team you think it’s a point lost. I’d bring it in.

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“Fans don’t want to pay money to watch nobody win. There are battles throughout the game which someone wins. If two wingers jump for a ball, somebody wins that contest.

“If a bloke runs into someone, there’s a winner in that –whether he makes metres or he doesn’t.

“And so to have 80 minutes of competitiveness and wins and losses, to finish with a draw, I don’t think it’s good.”

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