Wane plays video games ahead of Wigan Warriors' trip to St Helens!

Shaun Wane is hoping a video compilation of away-day wins at St Helens will help inspire another triumph '“ and ensure he has one more to add to his highlights reel.
Shaun Wane and Michael Maguire after the 2010 derby at Knowsley RoadShaun Wane and Michael Maguire after the 2010 derby at Knowsley Road
Shaun Wane and Michael Maguire after the 2010 derby at Knowsley Road

The Warriors coach revealed he will show his players footage of some of their best, recent wins over Billinge Hill as part of the build-up to tomorrow’s clash.

Regardless of whether the two sides meet at Old Trafford in October, this will be the final derby in St Helens for Wane, Sam Tomkins and maybe even a few others.

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“I’ve got some great memories of some games over there,” said Wane.

“I’ve been through them this week, the last game at Knowsley Road, the first at Langtree Park, games like that. I’m showing the players videos of important games over the last few years, and some good memories.”

Tomorrow’s clash is a day shy of a year since Wigan’s last win at the Totally Wicked Stadium, when Oliver Gildart’s two tries helped Wigan to a 26-16 win.

Wane has previously overseen some other derby epics including their first victory on the ground in 2012 - see video, inset – while he was assistant to Michael Maguire for the last match at Knowsley Road in 2010.

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“I remember the last game at Knowsley Road, it’s wasn’t a great game, the weather was terrible,” he said. “But I remember the team song after it, and it was better than any Grand Final song. It was that special.

“And I remember Madge saying to me – years later – that’s the one song he remembers from his time here. It made him understand what it meant to win that game.”

Wane was weaned on the derby rivalry but stressed he has a lot of admiration for Saints.

“There’s no hatred, it’s a healthy respect,” he said.

“People think I don’t like them but it’s the opposite. I’ve said it before, I respect Eamon (McManus, chairman), Mike Rush (chief executive), their players.

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“I like a lot of people there. But I was brought up with this rivalry, I remember playing for Wigan schoolboys and my dad telling me, ‘This is the game. You have to win this one.’

“It’s the same now, and it’ll be the same for the St Helens lads like James Roby in their side. This means everything.

“You want to win this, which makes victories even more enjoyable when they come. People see that as hatred, but it’s not.”

Gildart and Sean O’Loughlin return to the Wigan squad as expected, with Dom Manfredi left out – Wane says he may make his comeback at home to Wakefield next week.