Wane: Ref right to call on video official

Shaun Wane has no issue with the number of times referees are calling on video assistance.

Shaun Wane was a happy man after winning at Castleford
Shaun Wane was a happy man after winning at Castleford

A string of referrals on Thursday night contributed to Wigan’s 33-26 win at Castleford dragging on past 10pm.

The second-half alone was 57 minutes long, leading to some to call for a cull on the number of video decisions - or at the very least, a time restriction.

Wane understands why they can prove frustrating but doesn’t feel the need to make changes. He said: “As long as they get it right, go to the screen.

“If you’ve got that option there – and he’s unsure – he’s better doing that than making a call and getting it wrong.”

Thaler was criticised by Cas’ coach Daryl Powell afterwards, though more for the way he spoke to players rather than his performance.

Powell did joke he may bring his bed to the next Sky-televised game, which have video referees.

Wane said: “It was one of those games where they were desperate, we were desperate – when you’re defending your line, you’re going to get those calls when he needs to go to the video ref.”

An injury to Ben Flower also delayed proceedings.


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He was taken off for a concussion test, but Wane said: “Ben was alright, he just got a stinger and the physio over-reacted.”