Wane: Was Powell looking for a Cup edge?

Shaun Wane has questioned whether Daryl Powell's criticism of referee Ben Thaler was done to try and influence officials ahead of their rematch in the Challenge Cup this month.

Thursday, 2nd June 2016, 7:37 am
Ben Thaler (left) awards Sam Powell a try against Castleford

Powell took aim at Thaler following last Thursday’s clash – which Warriors won 33-26 – and accused him of not showing his players respect.

But Wane has scrutinised the game since and was left wondering if there was a hidden motive, ahead of their Cup quarter-final on June 25.

He said: “Referees are human and they’re going to make mistakes but in that particular game – going through every call – he didn’t get much wrong.

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“Nobody can say anything else. And when you get five people into the ref’, you can’t moan about the way he speaks back to them.

“I’d be disappointed if my players were in there saying swear words to the referee, and that happened.

“Whether (Powell) is trying to get an edge in the Cup game... I’m sure Steve Ganson (head of officials) and the rest of the referees will be too smart for that.”