Wigan failed with bid to downgrade Flower's charge

Wigan tried to have Ben Flower's charge downgraded before he was hit with a two-game ban.
Ben Flower was hit with a banBen Flower was hit with a ban
Ben Flower was hit with a ban

A statement by the RFL said the Welsh prop pleaded “guilty to a reckless Grade C strike with the elbow”.

But a detailed summary on their website explains that the Wigan player was found guilty by the disciplinary, after a failed bid to reduce the severity of the offence.

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Flower didn’t attend the RFL hearing, but was represented at the hearing by coach Shaun Wane and welfare officer Mick Farrell.

Wane confirmed tonight they did not plead guilty to a reckless Grade C strike.

They admitted he made contact with Wolves’ Declan Patton’s head, but argued it was ‘careless’ – rather than ‘reckless’.

He pointed to other, similar incidents which have escaped without grade C charges.

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A grade A or B charge would have carried lower sentencing guidelines.

But in imposing a two game ban, the tribunal said they were “satisfied this was a reckless act and that the grading at grade C was correct... it is accepted this contact was not deliberate, but was reckless.”

He was also hit with a £300 fine.

Flower will serve the suspension when Wigan finish their regular season against Catalans at the DW Stadium on Friday and in the semi-finals a week later, but will be free to return for the title decider at Old Trafford on October 8 if the Warriors get there.

Flower’s red card, his first time since his dismissal in the 2014 Grand Final, came in the 57th minute before Wigan roared back to claim a 35-28 win.

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Wigan are yet to discover if forward Willie Isa will be punished for the two-fingered salute he delivered to Warrington fans during last Friday’s game.

Isa subsequently issued an apology on his Twitter account, saying he acted in the “heat of the moment”, but a spokesman for the RFL confirmed it is looking into the incident. He is unlikely to be banned, but could be cautioned or fined.